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Tick-tock Madman | HartQuill.com

Tick-tock Madman

That round evil man
with his shallow pretty face
leers from my wall.
Cruelly and incessantly
he chips away at my life
with his sharp little pick-axe.

Tick-tock, tick-tock.

My days mete out
in an endless dribble of
task and responsibilities.
And he watches me.
Be on time, get it right!
Get up again, do it again.
And again, and again, and again.

Tick-tock, tick-tock.

I thought he was my friend
that insidious little man.
Mom said he was.
Dress for success, be on time,
and your life will be right.

Tick-tock, tick-tock.

Then one day I woke up
and my life felt all wrong.
Where are my dreams
you cunning little man?
You stole them when
I wasn’t looking.
I was busy listening to your

Tick-tock, tick-tock.

Oh poacher of my hours –
Is there still time for me?
Still hope for me?
The Me you took while I was
distracted and toiling,
And worried about being on time.

And that smug little man
with his false pretty face
just stares coldly at me
from his unfeeling wall.
Silent he is, but for
the relentless

Tick-tock, tick-tock.


Tick-tock Madman © Susan L Hart 2016-2019

Winding Roads to Wisdom | "Black & White & Rainbows" | HartQuill.com

Black & White & Rainbows

Right, wrong,
North, south,
Black, white.
Which way do I go?

I have walked the flat
grey plain of existence
that this third dimension
can often be.
Wandering and exploring
the monotones of a
sometimes desolate place,
where the next small
blade of grass stands
out starkly in the landscape,
as it cries out to the sky.

And I have wondered –
If white is all color,
and black its absence,
what of all the colors in between?

So I’ve left that dull plain
and I’m climbing
a magnificent mountain.
I will not rest until
I discover all my colors.
The trek is exhilarating,
the views are breathtaking,
and I’m heading for that
brilliant peak yonder.
It’s the place of my dreams,
where rainbows gleam
and eagles soar,
and my soul can be free.


Black & White & Rainbows © Susan L Hart