Six special women writer friends and I collaborated to write a book on 7 very big life subjects: Wisdom, Courage, Love, Loss, Risk, Aging, and Having A Voice. Each woman contributed at least one piece of writing (it could be a story, essay or poetry) for each theme. That means, 50+ magical pieces of inspiration in just one book!

This all came together to create a very special body of work. As much as we each brought different viewpoints to the table, in the process there bubbled up common threads that took us by surprise. As a collective our ages span 3 generations. We think this makes 7˚  of Wisdom pretty special. We hope you will think so too.

The authors are: Nancy Thornton-Vander Plaats, Barbara Snow, Joss Burnel, Karla Arismendi, Patrika Vaughn, Scarlett Braden, and Susan L Hart.


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buy2Forward by Joss Burnel:

This book was born of a dream I’ve had for many years. A dream to create a repository of women’s wisdom. A woman’s wisdom often dies with her. What a loss that is to the world. A lot of ideas played around in my mind, trying to come up with a way that would save, for future generations, the wisdom women gather as we live our lives.

Women learn as we grow and age. We learn how to live: how to respond to our world in a way that works. How tragic it is when our wisdom disappears with us. For us, for those in our circle, for our family and friends and for all those who follow.

Seven is a magical number and there are seven of us in my Writer’s Circle. A circle of women who met weekly, over the period of close to a year, sharing our truth with one another.

From this gathering, 7˚ of Wisdom of wisdom was born! This book is a compilation of the wisdom of seven women, sharing their wisdom on seven big life topics.

Three sample stories you will find on this website:




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