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It’s Time for Real Change

We see increasing pressure in society right now to conform to certain points of view. When I see shaming being used as a tool to force people to conform, personally I immediately lose respect for the shamer, as well as my willingness to listen. It speaks volumes about the low integrity of the person or group doing the shaming.

Shaming is a very low energy method of trying to control others. It is akin to taking one’s boot and kicking the “opposition”, trying to grind them into the dirt and eliminate them, rather than making a case for the merits of one’s own point of view, and then allow others the free will to make up their own minds.

That type of behavior is not going to help us build a better society. It is not a model for a more spiritual approach to life, or a cooperative lifting up of our fellow human beings. It is a form of bullying, and when we see a lot of that going on, as we do now, it is an indicator that our society is regressing, not progressing.

I am all for “voices for change”. There are many voices wanting to be heard right now. Our world and societies are in extreme flux. This is actually a positive thing, as I do believe it is causing more people to look inward and evaluate with their own moral compasses and value systems.

Respect for other points of view, and cooperation as well, are essential for us to get “from here to there”. It is essential that humanity lift itself up to a higher place of social behavior in order to create true change in the world.

Otherwise, we will once again simply find some temporary satisfaction in a “change” that is not real change. We will just keep circling around (as we have, many times throughout history) to find ourselves confronted once again with essentially the same set of conflicts, just in a different packaging.

Are we not ready, finally, for real change?


Photos courtesy Andre Furtado and Tobias Bjørkli, Pexels

It’s Time for Real Change © Susan L Hart 2020


We’re In It Together

In a system that feels
heartless and remote,
now more than ever
we must reach out to
others in kindness,
in a personal way,

The problems of
all of humanity
are now breaching
our own backyards;
it’s no longer possible
to turn a blind eye,
we’re in this together.


Photos courtesy Min An and Nattaphat Phau, Pexels

We’re In It Together © Susan L Hart 2020


Sing your Song of Life, Now

You came here to make music, to sing your song, that song that only you can create, the one that is uniquely You. Have you really let loose and had the courage to sing your song yet?

Unless we are naturally musical, most of us are shy to sing out boldly. We worry that we won’t do it well, we’ll sing off key, we’ll look stupid, people will judge us. Your song, is of course, a metaphor for your sense of purpose, the joy in fulfilling what is uniquely you, expressing that special spark within you.

We must, must, must have the courage to possibly “look stupid” to others! Stupid is subjective; it’s just someone else’s opinion, or, the consensual opinion of society. And the people who would judge and deride us for not doing it “right” are the ones who don’t have the courage to sing their own song. Their point of power is to keep everyone around them the same. Judgement and shame run strong in our society right now. They are tools being used to keep people “in their place”.

I recently read a wonderful book called Tuesdays with Morrie. It’s a memoir of the special relationship between a professor and one of his favorite students, Mitch Albom (the author). Morrie is dying, in his 70’s, from ALS. They meet every Tuesday for 14 weeks, before Morrie dies, to talk about what (from Morrie’s point of view, looking in the rear view mirror), makes life fulfilling and meaningful. If you like to read inspirational books, I highly recommend it!

Think about your song, that music that is running around inside of you, just begging to come out. Can you feel it? Are you ready to sing it? You owe it to yourself to do so. Because whether you know it or not, your song is the world’s light. Having the courage to sing it is a huge part of your soul’s growth.

I guarantee, from the point of view of 80 (or whatever age) with end of life impending, it will make you very sad if you realize that you didn’t find your voice during your allocated time here.

And you will ask yourself, “Why?”


Photos courtesy Pixabay and Brett Sayles, Pexels

Sing your Song of Life, Now © Susan L Hart 2020


The Old Man & his Garden

Traversing the street,
peevish and sad,
imprisoned and bound,
by rules, fear, and masks,
I’m lost in a myriad
of disheartening and
fretful thoughts.
Right now my mind
can do nothing but ask,
“When will the world
wake from this viral
curse named COVID?”

I pass by a fence
of cold metal bars,
barricading an old man
maskless and oblivious
to the lunacy beyond.
He pores over his plants
as he has, I expect,
for eons or more,
loving nature with his
loving nature, lost
in his rapture with life,
sure that as all madness
has in his long life,
this too shall pass.
His tranquility is
mute but palpable,
dissolving the bars,
permeating the street,
converging with me.
I pause to watch him,
he looks up and smiles
for just a second, or,
was it forever?
It is enough.

I continue to home
and through my gate,
shucking my mask
of COVID malcontent.
Wasting no time,
I dash forthwith to
my small garden sweet
with bloom perfume
and hummingbird whirr,
resolved to cultivate
my own loving nature
by loving nature.

Thank you, wise man.


Photos courtesy Ismaili Fjori and Gustavo Fring, Pexels

The Old Man & his Garden © Susan L Hart 2020