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Return to Passion & Blogging

I’m discovering that blogging is good for the soul. At least, that is, if one is writing from the heart. (I strive for that.) Strangely, my blog writing is uncovering an older passion of mine: ART. For almost 20 years I painted and sold my work professionally, and I taught art. I love to create, and there was a deep sense of fulfillment from both the doing and the teaching. That was all before my partner and I sold our possessions and set out on the road to travel. Then the “world of writing” opened up to me.

This hooks into another deep passion: The Earth. My art pieces, all those years, were primarily landscapes. I wanted people to see the beauty that is all around them, every day. Earth and nature are two of the themes in my writing; there have been posts here and on my Hart Haiku blog that focus on the beauty of nature, and its healing power. And now suddenly,  I’m feeling a deep need to (at least occasionally) supplement my words with my own images.

Words with images. I’ve been fascinated with the power of combining the two for as long as I can remember. It appears that I’m coming full circle from art to words and back to art. But this time it’s in a different way, weaving the two together.

Our winding roads to wisdom are all about this sort of discovery and expansion. In the upward spiral of soul growth, we sometimes come back to important things that we thought we had moved past. When they present themselves to us again, it’s a sign. There’s more there to discover…

In my recent post My journey begins: Quest for meaning, I write about an important moment on a small platform at Point Reyes, California, overlooking the Pacific. A series of paintings resulted from that trip, specifically from Yosemite National Park. I love trees, and they have been the subject matter of many paintings. The below piece shown (watercolor & pencil) is a depiction of a tree family – something I felt intuitively – which just 5 days ago I revisited in my Hart Haiku post Tree Secrets, Nature’s Wisdom.


And the beat goes on.


Painting Family © Susan L Hart & Return to Passion & Blogging © Susan L Hart

Your today

Your Today and its Value

There are three powerful little messages embodied in this haiku: time, thought, and your worth.

Time: As much as you are living and learning in other soul experiences in infinite time (yes, you are!), you are right here, right now, focusing on this life. Will you make the choice to embrace today? Within the past few years, I have lost both of my parents. This was truly a wake up call to my own mortality. Logically we know we are mortal (and our ego fears it), but, we still tend to live life as though we have an endless supply of days. Make the most of today. One of the most beautiful movies I’ve seen that drives this idea home is About Time”. If you haven’t seen it, try to.

Thought: Is your mind consumed with your “to-do list” the second you wake up? Is there any time today reserved for contemplation, introspection, gratitude for the good things you already have in your life? (Gratitude expands abundance.) If not, I strongly urge you to make space for those.

Your worth: Do you even believe that you deserve to have good things come your way today? You do. But if you don’t believe it, then I’ll bet you have at least one champion in your life – you know, a person who believes in you, when you can’t or won’t believe in yourself – that loves you enough to talk you through this. Connect with that person, somehow or some way, even if it can be only for a quick “Hi”. Today, surround yourself with your champions.

Today is all we’ve got. Today I made time to write to you, because I think you’re worth it. Please, pick up the ball and run with it. Today.


Your Today and its Value © Susan L Hart 2019

Photo courtesy Travis Rupert, Pexels

How nature heals us

I Discover a “New” Monet

I’m a huge Monet fan, and although I have yet to visit the Musée d’Orsay in Paris (it’s on my list!), I am familiar with many of his works. So when I discovered this unknown one through a fellow admirer, I was both surprised and delighted. And, I was also struck by how it bears an uncanny resemblance to the feature photo on my Jan. 28th post, Healing power of nature in this moment”.

A “new” Monet (my art lover friends say yay!)

Even people who aren’t art lovers at all may recognize Monet’s most famous paintings, particularly his water lily series. His iconic work from the Impressionist period pervades our world. But for hardcore Monet lovers, a “new” Monet apparently is big news. My fellow Monet-loving friends on Facebook corroborated this. They were as delighted as me to discover a not-so-famous image on my wall this week. I am also a huge lover of trees and mellow autumn walks, so this may be my new favorite Monet!

Nature heals us

Nature heals. Trees are magical, and studies about the Japanese practice of forest bathing prove this scientifically. As a side note, Monet loved Japanese prints and collected many to adorn his home. His famous water lily paintings certainly reflect the same tranquility in nature that the Japanese fully embrace. The deep connections between things never fails to amaze me.

So please, drink in the beauty of Monet’s “The Undergrowth in the Forest of Saint-Germain” (c.1882) , and…

Imagine walking into this beautiful forest right now – luminous, intoxicating, luscious, almost surreal. You are caressed and loved by Nature herself. The magical power of Monet’s art and the Earth Mother have been laid right here at your feet.  Take a moment to feed your soul.


I Discover a “New” Monet © Susan L Hart 2019

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Painting “The Undergrowth in the Forest of Saint-Germain” by Claude Monet