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Dreams or Fears? Your Focus

“Thought creates reality.” If this phrase is a truth (personally I believe it is), then I would pose this question to you: What are you creating with your mind?

I’ve been reading books on metaphysics for decades, and for me there is too much evidence to deny it. I have also seen dramatic examples of it in my own life, particularly in times where my back was up against the wall and I passionately intended a positive solution. It manifested, very quickly and every time. Coincidence, you say? Perhaps. What I will tell you is this: In all of these cases, there was no room in my mind for less. My thoughts and intention were strong and firm.

Unfortunately, I have also observed in myself some mental laziness. At times when I’m discouraged I am given to casual negative thoughts. So based on my personal experience, self-discipline of the mind is a tough thing to master. However, over time I’m improving at self-observance and mindful creation of my reality.

That which our minds focus on expands

That which we focus on expands. What will you choose to create with your thoughts today? Your dreams and aspirations, or your worries and fears?

There is so much power in our thoughts, and therefore in our own hands. This goes way beyond our personal lives. It extends to the world.

We are being inundated daily with negative news. If we are not careful, it strongly affects our thinking and beliefs about what is possible. Every time we buy in to “this is too big for me, it is out of my hands”, or, “there are only the same old A or B solutions to choose from, oh well, I’ll just pick what seems best”, or, “entities external to me have all the answers and power”, we disempower ourselves.

Watch your thoughts. Make them positive ones, as much as you can.

Whether you realize it or not, you hold a wealth of wisdom within you. Start to trust in that and create with it.


Dreams or Fears? Your Focus © Susan L Hart 2019

Winding Road to Wisdom | Quest for Meaning |

It Begins: Quest for Meaning

This post is about beginnings, of my journey as a traveler and writer. Essentially my travel has been a quest for wisdom outside the box. It is difficult to discover wisdom when we are imprisoned in boxes, the ones that we build for ourselves, and the ones society demands that we stay in.

Travel also revealed the writer in me, which I never could have predicted. Previously I had always defined my creative self as “artist”. Traveling has taught me many things, one of them being that we all define ourselves too tightly.

First the years of soul searching

During my early 20’s, I began reading many books on metaphysics and spirituality. Ideas that my mind had explored independently for years demanded it. I voraciously absorbed the knowledge logically, but there came a moment in Point Reyes, California, when I assimilated it at a feeling level. As I stood on a tiny platform looking out over the vast azure Pacific, my body tingled all over. I felt deeply my bond with this seemingly boundless body of water, and I understood the infinite nature of my soul and our connection to everything.


Our inherent childhood wisdom can become lost

Looking back I realize that my childhood self had already known this, but the logical world around me at the time did not support it. So, I had constantly questioned my own intuitive wisdom. Later, reading and exploring the ideas written by other people brought me into alignment with truths that already existed within me. In fact, that visit to the ocean brought me full circle back to myself. I do believe we are born with wisdom that is inherent. But our society values logic first and foremost, which can cause us to lose touch with it as adults.

A new chapter of my life begins

Fast forward another few years, and my partner and I sold everything we owned and began traveling. First stop was Hawaii, where we immediately befriended a free spirit surfer/photographer named Jim Welch. When you are passionately searching and you ask, the universe will work its magic and bring the right things and people to you.

We were all on a similar quest, to find some meaning in life outside the standard formula. I interviewed Jim about his personal experiences and philosophies, and wrote my first story during our travels (published by Escape Artist), called One Wave. And the journey continues…



It Begins: Quest for Meaning © Susan L Hart 2019