Seven Degrees of Wisdom


Seven Degrees of Wisdom: Welcome to our Circle

Coauthored by Susan L HartSeven women authors collaborated to write about seven big life themes: Wisdom, Courage, Love, Loss, Risk, Aging, and Having a Voice.

In Seven Degrees of Wisdom, you’ll discover 49 magical pieces of inspiration! And, as much as we each brought different viewpoints to the table, there bubbled up common threads that took us by surprise. As a collective our ages span three generations. We think this makes Seven Degrees of Wisdom: Welcome to Our Circle pretty special. We hope you will think so too!

The authors are: Nancy Thornton-Vander Plaats, Barbara Snow, Joss Burnel, Karla Arismendi, Patrika Vaughn, Scarlett Braden, and Susan L Hart.

(Sorry, the publisher of this collection has designated it Out of Print.)

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