suze2Looking back, it is obvious now that world travel would factor strongly in my destiny. It has opened doors that I could never have anticipated. As a child, I honed my imagination on fiction classics about exotic adventures. Later, true-life stories such as Karen Blixen’s Out of Africa finally inspired the adult me to leave my safe zone. It was a call that I could not deny. For many years now I have enjoyed an unusual life of international travel, living in cultures much different than my own.

Travel has changed me, and what I have learned from it strongly influences my writing. You will find on my website some free-to-read favorite Stories, Articles, and Poetry.  The writing is not so much about travel (although there is some of that), but rather it is woven through it like a fine tapestry. The words will certainly reveal to you how it has shaped and inspired me. My Suze Blog is a space for Haiku with some additional commentary – often related to our changing times.

What’s coming up? In past, I have been part of collaborative Books. Later this year I will be launching my first solo fiction book. I’m very excited about that!
It’s about a young woman who goes on an improbable spiritual journey, and what she learns about life and herself. There’s quite a lot of me in her, and that’s all I will say for now…

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