How Do I Love Thee Better?

Renowned romantic,
Romeo confessed his
love for fair Juliet,
impassioned locution
of sweet young love,
innocence unspoiled.

“How do I love thee?”

A query so complex 
the Greeks declared,
“To best understand,
we must divide what
is immeasurable into
quantifiable boxes.

Ludus for flirting,
Eros for passion,
Pragma for partner,
Philia for friendship,
Storge for family,
Agape for humanity.”

A very worthy list
to be sure, and
though incomplete     
begs the question,
“With so much love,

who has time to hate?”

Eternal mystery,
our soul’s mission
often shrouded by
many false starts,
the next question
haunts us forever,

“How do I love better?”

Romeo, winking, says,
“You just have no fear!
Strive always to love to the
depth, breadth, and height
your learning soul can grow.
True love is boundless.”


Photos courtesy Cottonbro, Pexels

How Do I Love Thee Better? © Susan L Hart 2020