The Girl in me Knows

The wisdom of our souls is rich and evolving. With every encounter with other souls, we have the potential to refine and transmute to gold. But, what of the inner wisdom we are born with? The basics of life and the loveliness of just being are intrinsic in children. As adults we get so caught up in responsibilities and survival, we often lose touch with this part of ourselves.

I’ve experienced a period of time of late that has tried my soul. Weary and at times disillusioned, I have turned inward more than outward for answers. And in the process, I am rediscovering the girl in me. She’s been eagerly waiting for me to embrace her! For what I need most right now are more lightheartedness, playfulness and joy.

The girl in me knows.

She knows how to play. Jumping rope, kicking a ball, flipping somersaults, skating, tobogganing, splashing in a pool (heck, splashing in the puddles), catching polliwogs in a jar, swinging so high her head spins, dangling from monkey bars, riding her bike (and just a little too fast!), and dabbling in the boys world of marbles, chestnut fights and building forts. Oh yes and let’s not forget, learning from the boys how to defend those forts.

She is the keeper of Play and Fun.

And this girl knows how to really enjoy a flower, to smell its heady perfume and totally immerse in it, just for a moment. And that one moment is as infinite as all time. She runs out into a thunderstorm, spreading her arms wide with face to the sky, letting the warm rain wash over her body. She lies outside on her back on a summer day, listening to the wind in the trees whisper of the deep mysteries of the universe. She feels the hum of life.

She is the keeper of all things Simple and Beautiful.

But this girl is not a complete innocent. Even from a young age, she has noticed the dramatic disparities in life; the way some people have so much and others so little. And, how people sometimes treat others cruelly. She has been greatly saddened by the lack of love. Lately I look at this troubled world through her eyes and I wonder, “Why does it have to be like this?” We detest the word “terrorist”, for if ever one word epitomized the growing angst in the world, this is it. The girl in me knows – adults succumb to fear because they have lost touch with their own inner wisdom. She helps me to stay connected with mine.

She is the keeper of Intuition and Truth.

This girl has the power to heal me. Now I invite her out to play more often, and in turn, I promise to protect her. Yes, I acknowledge the ugliness in the world; it is a reality. I will proceed with her gentleness and love, but the warrior in me carries a sword.

I am always at the ready to slay the dragons. Because, yes little girl, there ARE dragons! But I believe this: Together, our spirit can never be defeated.

And the girl in me smiles, and knows it is so.


Photos courtesy Jill Wellington, Pexels and KELLEPICS, Pixabay

The Girl in me Knows © Susan L Hart 2017, 2018