Duality Imprisons our Minds

Have you noticed that the tensions in our world are often rooted in just two choices? Right/wrong, male/female, black/white, political left/right, and the list goes on.

Our minds in this dimension are trained to believe in just two, and they are often pitted against each other. But, how can there be only two, in a universe that is infinite? All of the shades of gray, and the colors too, exist in a place that is far beyond what our socially programmed minds can easily perceive.

We are capable of critical thinking when we so choose. But, we are so bombarded with information (and much of it designed to buy our minds!), that we often decide to just “go with the flow”, with the requisite A or B. And going with the flow is not always in our best interest, when it means signing on to consensual reality without question.

Do you know where the truth really exists? It is in our hearts and our higher knowing, when we can get out of our heads. There resides the true wisdom, which will allow us to find our way out of this destructive duality mind trap. It is tearing humanity apart.


“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” ~ William Shakespeare, Hamlet

“Absurdity and anti-absurdity are the two poles of creative energy.” ~ Karl Lagerfeld

“I was still cursed with my duality of purpose.” ~ Robert Louis Stevenson, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

“We all feel that the opposite of our own highest principle must be purely destructive, deadly, and evil. We refuse to endow it with any positive life-force; hence we avoid and fear it.” ~ C.G. Jung

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Duality Imprisons our Minds © Susan L Hart 2019

Photo courtesy Pixabay, Pexels