A heart will shrivel
in the cold black hole called hate.
The pink love rose blooms.


Well, Valentine’s Day is just 4 days away, and I couldn’t resist. Roses and chocolates are traditional expressions of love on this special day. And, red roses in particular denote passionate romance.

So why a pink rose in the haiku? There are many shades of love. Pink roses are quietly tender, and attributes associated with them are: grace, harmony, gratitude, and joy. They therefore represent what we hope for in a more universal love.

Please, tell someone you love them this Valentine’s, be it friend or family. Express your gratitude for their place in your life. Let’s make it a day not just for romance, but also for building a love that blossoms outward and opens many hearts. Who we are as individuals is not inconsequential in the world. We are all part of One. Let’s choose to be love.


Love © Susan L Hart 2019
Photo courtesy Sharefaith, Pexels