Our Connection to the All

In my early 20’s, I began reading many books on metaphysics and spirituality. Suddenly, ideas my juvenile mind had been casually exploring for years demanded it. I voraciously absorbed the knowledge logically, but there came a moment in Point Reyes, California, when I assimilated it all at a feeling level. As I stood on a tiny platform looking out over the vast azure Pacific, my body tingled all over. I felt deeply my connection to this seemingly boundless body of water, and I understood how infinite my soul really is.

Looking back, I realize that my childhood self had already known this, but the logical world around me at the time did not support it. So, I constantly questioned my own intuitive knowings. Later, reading and exploring the ideas written by other people brought me into alignment with truths that already existed within me. In fact, that visit to the ocean brought me full circle back to myself. 

Fast forward another few years, and my partner and I sold everything we owned and began traveling. We almost immediately met and befriended a free spirit surfer/photographer named Jim Welch. When you are passionately searching and you ask, the universe will work its magic and bring the right things and people to you. We were all on a similar quest, to find some meaning in life outside the standard formula. I interviewed Jim about his personal experiences and philosophies, and wrote my first story during our travels (published by Escape Artist), called: One Wave


Our Connection to the All © Susan L Hart 2019

Photo courtesy Emiliano Arano, Pexels