Intentions or wishes?

Intentions or wishes

How many people do you know that have already broken their New Year’s resolutions? Likely we all know at least one, and in equal likelihood, that one may be ourselves. And that’s due to the difference between intentions and wishing.
“Wishing”: To feel or express a strong desire or hope.
“Intending”: To have a plan or course of action as one’s purpose.

True intention is crucial to manifesting

A wish is an idea or vision you have in your mind, attached to a hope that somehow a genie in a bottle, a fairly godmother, or some other external power is somehow magically going to deliver it. An intention, on the other hand, combines that same desire with a plan. And, YOU make it happen! You have the power, with your creative mind and your intentional actions. The catch is, this requires self-discipline (focus and commitment) and self-love (the belief you deserve it), combined with some good old-fashioned elbow grease.

So, rewind to January 1st. Did you set an intention, or simply make a wish? It’s never to late to make adjustments. Your can begin your New Year with a revised foundation right now.

I wish you a happy and abundant 2019! And the intention to make it happen is all up to you.

A wish is a wisp,
an elusive piece of smoke.
Intention creates.

© Susan L Hart 2019

intentions or wishes

Photo courtesy Murilo Folgosi, Pexels