Learn from the water.
Time and tenacity smooth
the roughest pebbles.


We are all human. We are all works in progress.

In past I have been a person who beats myself up for making mistakes. Not just in the moment, but for some time after the event. Do you do that too? Somewhere along the way, I realized how absolutely counterproductive this is. I was cluttering my mind with regret. So, here’s what I figure. My mind has time to process only so many thoughts in a day. So why not make those thoughts full of positivity, with intention to create a future based on what I’ve learned, not what I regret?  I’m not perfect at this yet – I’m still working on smoothing out those rough edges. But, that’s okay.

You are human. You are a work in progress. Choose to love yourself today. Then give yourself a break.


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Metamorphosis © Susan L Hart 2019
Photo courtesy Dennis Leinarts, Pexels