See with your heart’s eyes.
Beauty has many faces,
when you feel deeper.


Aphrodite is the ancient Greek goddess of love and beauty. And in our society, don’t we just love to love beauty? Physical beauty, that is. Through generations and decades, the definition of perfect physical looks is constantly changing. Sadly we buy into it, time after time. And most lamentably for women, this translates literally to millions of dollars spent at the cosmetics counter each year.

In indigenous cultures, a person’s age and facial wrinkles are a sign of wisdom and stature in the tribe. In our Western societies, it is a sign that a person is simply old and “not beautiful” any more. And worse, no longer deemed useful in a society that has a tendency to measure success by career and money and “he who owns the most toys”.

Perhaps it is time to reconsider of our definition of beauty and aging? In midlife I have come up against this wall personally. I wrote about it in my story called: Pretty Is as Pretty Does


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Aphrodite © Susan L Hart 2019
Photo courtesy Yogendra Singh, Pexels